Go Beyond Limits (2001)


We know it is important for children to have a positive self-image; nevertheless the media images of handicapped and mentally disabled children are almost always tied to their disabilities. This film enables us to explore our prejudices regarding “the others” – people who may both look different from us and represent other ways of thinking.The film depicts the everyday life of five children: Kristin (12), a Norwegian-Icelandic girl with a vision impairment; Bugra (10), a Turkish boy with spina bifida; Victor (6) from Sierra Leone, who has features of autism; Anmol (6), a multi-handicapped boy from Pakistan, and Imran (4), also from Pakistan, who has a hearing impairment.

The film challenges our way of perceiving these five kids. Do we focus on the problems or the solutions? What do we know about their dreams and interests? Which one of them wants to become a cook? Who gets to meet author Klaus Hagerup and get some pointers on writing? Who loves Indian pop music and hates the old classics? Who is the little adventurer and philosopher? And who is the heartbreaker, always rushing around?

The film also shows how various social and physiological activities can improve the quality of life for both handicapped children and their families. The film is meant to inspire other families in similar situations to better handle the challenges of everyday life, and help them find their own solutions.


Producers  Funksjonshemmedes Fellesorganisasjon
Director Nefise Özkal Lorentzen
Photographer and Editor Odd Geir Sæther
Animator  Firuz Kutal
Composer Hege Rimestad


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